C O N S U L T A T I O N   S E R V I C E S


Do you crave the breathtaking end result of a planned event or space? Even if your event doesn’t have the budget to hire a designer for the entire duration of the planning process, you can still work with Gathering Souls! Dawn Stafford, the founder and CEO, is passionate about designing spaces that tell a story and transform those who come in contact with them. Even if hiring on a professional from start to finish is unattainable, you can still make your event shine. Simply, consider a one-time consultation that will help steer you in the right direction for your unforgettable event.


One-Time Consultations

For an hour and a half, you’ll receive assistance from a knowledgeable design professional who can answer questions and guide you through the process. One-time consultations are given undivided attention and can be accommodated easily. These consultations take place in your home and the $225 fee is payable at the visit. Along with answering questions you may have about the event planning process, you’ll work alongside Gathering Souls to craft an event theme or walk through the space together and access what can be accomplished. With this special one-time consultation, you’ll also be given reputable referrals for other businesses within the event-planning realm who can make your dream event a reality. The best part? Gathering Souls will suggest ways to deduct costs for your event while still maintaining a luxurious feel.

Consultation Fee 225.00



What Gathering Souls Offers:

  • Unparalleled service in corporate, non-profit & private events
  • Custom-designed event for each client
  • Passion and strategy
  • Efficiency
  • Detail-orientation
  • Personable and professional presence


Types of One-Time Consultations

  • Event Design
  • Event Planning
  • Hospitality Consulting



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