D A W N   S T A F F O R D

Founder | Creative Director


Embracing the philosophy that greatly designed environments instruct human behavior, Dawn Stafford launched what can be called one of the most premier event concierge companies in all of Washington, D.C

Interior design and events management that make special occasions unforgettable is Dawn Stafford’s favorite challenge. She spent 16 years following another passion: nursing, but now she pours herself heart and soul into providing her clients with unforgettable events. As CEO, she uses her experience as a nurse to serve clients individually, grasping their visions of dream events and turning them into reality through precise coordination and management.

How Dawn’s background contributes to your perfect event

As the mastermind behind gathering souls, Dawn appreciates the need for sheer artistry – and she has the background to ensure absolute clarity in the creative process. Dawn has:

• Creativity in her genes. She’s influenced by her admiration for her mother who is a talented artist.

• A qualification from the George Washington University Corcoran School of Arts for Interior Design where she took her place on the Dean’s list of academic achievers.

• A natural sense of harmony that guides every Gathering Souls event.

• The ability to perfectly coordinate everything from table linens to the presentation of the dishes served.

• Communication and organization skills that are second to none.

• Did you think it would be impossible to realize your vision? Talk to us first! Our motto is: “Imagination is your only limitation.”


Organization skills that work the way YOU want

Although you’re hoping for premium event concierge that takes all the stress out of your dream event, it’s still your vision. Over a decade and a half spent taking care of patients’ needs has given Dawn the insight to work the way YOU want. How you feel about the event is Dawn’s number one concern.


Concierge services: not just planning

You can get a planner, and that’s all you get. Dawn feels that concierge services make the difference. She aims to:

• Realize your vision so that your event is everything you imagined and more.

• Build lasting relationships that last for decades.

• Ensure that you can feel happy and excited about your upcoming event.

• Talk you through the pros and cons, helping you to make decisions that will be right for you.


From concept to fruition

Your vision is the starting point. Dawn takes it from there, handling every detail with intense focus and precision. That includes:

• Budgeting

• Venue selection and décor

• Menu selection

• Organizing entertainments

• Negotiating with vendors

• Ensuring your guests’ experience is perfect throughout.


Standing out from the crowd makes the difference

Dawn plans and coordinates special occasions ranging from dream weddings to picture-perfect corporate events, and her unique philosophy is paying dividends in the form of prestigious achievements. She’s proud of every single event, but when clients such as these keep coming back for more, she knows she’s achieving what she set out to do.

Events that set Washington DC talking include the Art on the Vine event at Martha’s Vineyard, Smithsonian educational talks, and the Be Well Launch Party.

As you can imagine, each of these required a different approach, but Dawn found the perfect match thanks to her knowledge of the way interior spaces affect and inform human behavior.


Sharing is Caring

Dawn has become the go-to authority for the press, sharing catering and décor tips that help others to design their own special events on a budget. She has been featured in TV shows and premier magazines including:

• Great Day Washington, CBS WSA9

• Let’s Talk LIVE, ABC7 WJLA (where she is a regular guest)

• Luxury Living Magazine

• Fox 45, Baltimore

• Brides

Gathering Souls was also featured in Event Compass, where other events planners drew inspiration from her showcased projects. Visit our press page for further details.


When nursing, creativity and events concierge collide, magic happens

In Dawn’s earlier career, the decisions she made were life-or-death judgments. She had to handle crises that most of us wouldn’t be able to face calmly. She had to turn chaos into order, and she had to ensure that her patients were as comfortable and calm as possible.

Now she has combined these skills with her artistic side, finding the perfect fit for her talents. By putting people first and creating custom interior spaces that influence human behavior and experience, she has created unforgettable moments, perfect in every detail, for her clients.

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