Gathering Souls aims to let you enjoy the planning process as much as the event proper itself. To make sure this happens, we gather relevant information on our initial inquiry or meeting and create account information of you or your corporate company background for a better insight on what you are and what you want. The time of the year and the preferred design will also be noted for more appropriate themes and designs.

Our dedicated company then applies experience and observation skills to make sure that all your guests experience the kind of impression that you want to provide during and after that event. For maximum impact on your reputation as host, we deliver perfectly executed services to create a wonderful experience for you and your guests. With our proper handling as your event manager, we aim to achieve that conversation and interactions as well as fun and sophistication are accorded to you and your generosity during the event.

Want to have your dream celebration to mark one of your most important achievements or events in life? Gathering Souls can make this happen for you if you permit us.

During the inquiry stage, we are often asked this primary question: “How much is my expected event cost?” Our answer: “As low or as high as your allotted budget allows.” We offer packages that will also give you a better idea and selection in the event that you have not decided yet on any set budget for the said event.

Based on your decision, we then create a customized package that incorporates your set budget and personal preferences and present this for your approval. We thereafter work on every aspect of the event planning together while allowing you the luxury of enjoying it. Our experienced and professional staff also ensures that the event planning up to the event celebration itself run smoothly  while you have the most fuzz-free and enjoyable celebration possible.

GS services are provided for a 25% management fee on the overall cost of the event. In addition to administrative expenses and day-of production expenses which will be billed at an hourly rate. Our management fee includes the services of a Producer, and Designer. If warranted, an Associate Producer would be a one time fixed price.

Gathering Souls does not impose any minimum charge due to the number of invited guests. Thus, the overall cost for each guest greatly depends on your choices for the menu, venue and the number of guests who will be served. For a more accurate assessment, contact us here.

To provide our best services to you, Gathering Souls has created a network of professionals in all the event categories we cater to. We promote professionalism and loyalty to both old and new partners to establish guaranteed quality services for your event planning, design and concierge needs and wants.

Do you have a preferred service provider that you want to use for this event? GS will most assuredly coordinate with your chosen service provider to produce a seamless execution of your celebration.

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