The fashionista’s favorite go-to little black dress, or LBD, has been a staple for all occasions. Why is this? It’s because it reads as simple, elegant and graceful. This piece of clothing can go from day to night. Chances are, you fall into one of these three categories: being great with fashion but not knowing where to begin with interior design, being great with both fashion and interiors but having a hard time pulling it all together, or not being good with either. Did you know you can learn a lot from the LBD when it comes to interior design? These interior design principles overlay just as they do in dressing in fashion. If you can understand that you wouldn’t put on a LBD then accent it with orange tights unless for Halloween, you can understand the basics of interior design. After reading this article, you’ll have an understanding of interior design and will be able to set a breathtaking tablescape in a few quick steps.


Tablescape Linens As Your LBD


So, let’s take a look at making the LBD your new thought guide when it comes to interior design. The same principles you’ve learned about the LBD can be applied directly to design. Let’s use the tablescape as an example. Whether you’re decorating your table for the holiday season, a special occasion, or for everyday, you can dress your table for success. Begin by using your table linen as your LBD. When choosing a linen, find something you love and just like the LBD, make sure it’s timeless. Let this item be the foundation for your table and build upon it. It’s also important to consider your base color at home or a color that compliments the colors of your home. Neutrals don’t have to be boring. They, too, can be bright and primary colors. Remember you must love it. Patterns are great because they provide a multitude of colors that you can later pull from. Next on your success list is your accessories.


Make Your Centerpiece Your Statement Accessory

Just like every little black dress usually needs a statement piece, like a great necklace, your tablescape will also need a statement piece. This will be your centerpiece. Think of centerpieces as your signature statement for your tablescape. Through this decor item you will send your design message and set the mood of the space. You may automatically think your centerpiece needs to be flowers. The answer is yes and no. Flowers are great if you are traditional and simply love them. They can play a part in the centerpiece but shouldn’t be the sole statement. Instead of flowers, some people like to use candles or other ornaments. Although these things can make great centerpieces, I say, let your mind run free and take some design risks! Look around your home for other design pieces that you can use instead of the usual. Do you have a great vintage camera collection you inherited from your grandfather? Use that! What about some fun handmade art? I know that when you’re looking for that perfect necklace to make a statement with your LBD you don’t settle. With this, it’s no different. Think outside the box and don’t settle for just candles and flowers alone when it comes to your centerpiece.

Adding the Impactful Accessories & Accents

Of course you don’t just stop there when putting together the perfect outfit for a big night out! Along with a statement necklace, you also add earrings, a bracelet and a killer pair of heels to compliment your LBD. It’s the same with your tablescape! We all love shoes and linens and centerpieces need theirs too. Our china and settings compliment our table linen and centerpiece just the same way as shoes compliment our favorite LBD and statement necklace. This is where you have the biggest impact. Plain white dishes used to be the norm but now you can get them in all different patterns, trims, and colors. Just the beautiful variety will make your mouth water! So, why not get your guests who will sit at your table drooling over the decor before the meal is served?

Along with china, glassware comes in fun colors and textures. From modern to vintage, this can be compared to a great set of diamond earrings that sets off your LBD. The glassware is there, but isn’t too overpowering. It adds just the right amount of shimmer. Silverware is a must have. It, too, has changed. Instead of being boring, you may have silverware that’s silver, wood, copper, or gold. Silverware can also be with or without patterns. Make sure to include these as a compliment to the setting, not just as a utensil that provides a service. Don’t be afraid to mix and match as well. Matchy, matchy is easy but doesn’t delight the eye the same as a well-thought-out mixed design. Don’t let patterns fool you either! You can overlay them and they don’t have to match perfectly. Once the table has it’s LBD linens, a centerpiece, and table settings, you can go back and add accents like fresh flowers and candles. These items are like great hair and a luxurious rose quartz lipstick that would polish off your LBD. Taking your guest’s breath away is your goal. Once they say hello and peruse your tablescape, they should begin talking about how beautiful it is. Little will they know that you’ve applied the LBD thought guide to your tablescape and it’s been as easy as 1,2,3.


Keeping Your Tablescape Transformable

It’s also necessary to understand your audience when creating your look and feel. Whether you’re designing a space for a casual or formal event, understanding the settings and differences of each, or blending the boundaries of both, is important. In life things are not always as exact. Just as the LBD can go from work to an evening cocktail hour, so should your tablescape and decor. Thoughtful decisions will solidify a table created that can last through more than one setting with a few minor adjustments. As the LBD can go a long way with a few minor changes of shoes and jewelry to provide a whole new look, so can your table dressing.


LBD In Review

By now, you’ve learned how to pick your own little black dress table linens and build upon them. Whether you gravitate toward a low cut shimmery number or a simpler structured black frock, you can intentionally pick statement pieces and accents that make it pop. What does your LBD linen look like? Is it all grey with white stripes or does it have a fun chevron pattern on it? Do all of the napkins match or are they mixed? From there, you’ve also learned how to pick a centerpiece, just like you’d pick a statement necklace for your LBD. Lastly, the accents your pick, like your fashion accessories, will really give your tablescape some personality. Why is the little black dress so popular? It’s transformable and can be built upon. Once you understand these simple design principles, you’re on your way to transforming tablescapes and other spaces!

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