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The Hottest Wedding Food, Drink, Flower and Cake Trends


Weddings regardless of the year or generation are never without the essentials. Flowers, cakes, food, and drinks are part and parcel of the whole package. The newest trends in the wedding industry offer a blend of ultra-new and back-to-basic, classic, and all-time favorite picks. Diversity is the keyword that describes 2017 wedding trends highlighting wedding bouquets, cakes and pastries, and menus.

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Flowers and Bouquets

Flower trends are taking on four specific design qualities; all things nature, all things French inspired, modern specifically simples lines and Asian influences, and a jungle theme expressed with vivid colors and urban blend. These are all the rage in 2017 not to exclude the whimsical and vintage theme.. The floral designs will be bigger than previous years. Both centerpieces and bouquets will be full and large. Bright shades like Pantone’s Flame will be integrated into arrangements and there will also be a lot of metallic excluding silver. Rose Gold, Gold, and Copper tones will be seen in bouquets. With bohemian brides, there will be a lot of creams and more muted hues. Surprisingly, small, simpler floral arrangements will still remain on trend, but will be suited for more modern or traditional reception.


Natural hued beverages will take a front-seat to this past year’s bright blue and neon green cocktails. A. Locally sourced drink accents will also be popular. Plant focused creations will be the big theme and thoughtfully curated bars such as a Bloody Mary station with all the trimmings or a Margarita bar. Couples are also creating gourmet coffee stations. Basically bar stations of all sorts will be featured in many 2017 nuptials. Brides and Grooms will be serving up Side Cars, Manhattans, and Old Fashioned Garnishes that are muddled and berries that add a touch of natural flavor will be added to drinks. The popular signature cocktail will still be around, but Brides and Grooms are choosing more than just one. Anticipate his and her signature drinks and a drink inspired by their love story. Last, but not least, champagne will still be trending.

When it comes to the drinks in 2017, it’ll all be about local options. Brides and grooms will visit wineries and breweries in their area and find the perfect options to serve to guests. Don’t be surprised if your beer is from a small microbrewery in town or if you’re wine was aged just a few miles away.


Food is definitely taking a one-eighty this year. Instead of sit down, late night dinners, you’ll be seeing brunches, and small bites left and right. Brides and grooms want guests to relax and be free to move about their reception and cocktail hours. In 2017, you’ll see an increase in activity bars. Areas set up for you to customize your savory bites will keep guests engaged and full.

Don’t be surprised if you get an invitation to a wedding in the morning. Reception brunches are becoming increasingly more popular, complete with mimosa bars and omelette stations. Another exciting development in wedding food is the ease of food trucks and their customizations based on your theme. A wedding in a barn doesn’t need a kitchen. One or two of the couple’s favorite food trucks can set up and serve guests anything from tacos to homemade ice cream. Another trend for 2017 is reimagined comfort food. Baked macaroni and cheese with chicken and similar Southern classics will have everyone celebrating.

As for dessert, kiss cupcakes goodbye. We’ll be seeing less of the cupcake tiers and more of macaroons, pies, and donuts. Everything is becoming miniature!

On Cakes and Sweets

Wedding cakes take a delectable and stylish turn with new ideas and recipes on the table. Check out new cake designs that match different types of wedding themes:


•  Metallic Cakes. Gold is making its way and reigning with supremacy in the “I Do” department. Today’s cakes are embellished with hints and dashes of glistening copper, gold, and silver for a truly regal affair.

•  Watercolor Cakes. Wedding cake centerpieces become more artistic by the minute. This trend showcases show-stopping designs of watercolor-like aesthetics. Most cakes in this category are simpler and more minimalistic where the watercolor shades are only placed at the bottom or in each layer with very little yet focal effect.

•  Floral Cakes. This is quite popular in most wedding pictures. Cakes are generously designed with edible flowers while others have fresh flowers integrated in their design. Choose floral cakes to match your garden banquet and wedding theme and for a dainty, more feminine finish.

•  Textured Cakes. If you want more intricate detailing, textured cakes are your cup of tea. Cakes in this group include those with tulle, lattice, lace, and ruffle accents. Prepare your eyes for a glamorous treat but with the most mouth-watering taste to satisfy your sweet tooth.

•  Hanging Cakes. These are not your usual wedding cakes because these sweets absolutely defy gravity. Most cake experts integrate a unique design in their masterpieces particularly suspending the cake from the ceiling in the banquet venue for a more dramatic effect.

•  Geometric Cakes. Shapes and stripes are the unique features of this trendy cake option. You can choose all types of trends with a geometric finish from jewelries to interior designs. Choose classic and formal shapes to more funky and abstract aesthetics to accentuate your dessert table.

•  Naked Cakes. These edible and sumptuous treats need no covers and frostings to make them definitely delicious. Cakes are only embellished with edible designs but without the fondant or traditional frosting finish.

2017 wedding trends on cakes, flowers, and food and drinks are colorful and pleasantly exciting to explore. Take your pick and choose the best choices that perfectly jive with your dream wedding. Choose the wedding essentials that match your wedding theme including your personality, taste, and most importantly, your available budget.

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