W E D D I N G  E T I Q U E T T E


The Right Reaction to Certain Situations

Wedding etiquette helps you essentially celebrate your special day without conflicts and hassles. There are situations that may put you in an awkward situation and ruin this supposedly most important event. Etiquette for a wedding are not exclusively for the bride and groom but everyone who is part of the celebration. Take a look at some situations and the best well-meaning and well-mannered reactions in every circumstance you find yourself in:


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What to do if you don’t want to wear a dress?

This is a classic case of saying no to the dress. Choosing what to wear depends on the style of the wedding and the outfit you are most comfortable wearing. Talk to the bride or groom and ask them their vision for their guests’ attire. Know the dress code and find options so that you can still find the perfect outfit without defying the wishes of the bride and groom on their special day.

Is it correct not to list the parents of the groom on the invitation if they are not funding the wedding?


In traditional weddings, whoever is hosting or funding the event will do the inviting. Hence, if the parents of the bride are the sole contributor of the celebration, then it is okay not to list the groom’s parents in the invitation. However, if they are also financing the wedding, list their names right after the names of the bride’s parents. In more modern wedding concepts, the sentiment around invitations made a different shift. The focus is no longer on whoever pays but in the joining of two families into one. Hence, both the parents of the bride and groom are listed in the invitation regardless of whoever paid the bills.

When do you send the Thank-You notes?

Write your note of gratitude right away, after you received the gift that is. You can absolutely thank your guests on the spot or write them a personal note of thank-you after the bridal shower. In your note, thank the gift-giver for individual gifts and couples for theirs. If a group of friends are the givers, make sure you put each of their names in your note.

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