Create unforgettable memories on your wedding day!

Gathering Souls aims to turn your dream wedding into a reality. We have the most elegant choices of gowns and reception themes during the consultation. Also available are customized ceremony scripts as well as your chosen wedding cake desserts and buffet choices which we will produce during the wedding reception. To ensure that everyone in your entourage knows what to do, GS offers a dinner rehearsal.
As for the bride, groom and their sponsors, GS provides their most skilled hair and make-up artists to prepare you for the wedding. Lastly, to create your mementos, reputable photographers and videographers to record all the happenings before, during and after the wedding celebration are at your disposal.


  1. Ceremony Scripting Custom
  2. Wedding Cakes Dessert
  3. Buffets
  4. Guest List Management
  5. Hair & Make-up
  6. Photography
  7. Videography
  8. Wedding Gown Consultation
  9. Welcome Reception
  10. Rehearsal Dinner
  11. Farewell Brunch
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