Unparalleled talent that works with you to achieve your dream space!

We all have a space in our home that we wish was more developed. If you want your home or business to reflect your personality more and be a place you feel alive in, work with Gathering Souls! CEO Dawn Stafford brings a keen eye for style and years of personal experience. From her studies at the prestigious Corcoran School of the Arts and Design to her work in event design, Stafford has the rare ability to visualize a space and transform it into a masterpiece. Avoiding a specific, committed style, Gathering Souls is drawn to an eclectic mix of contemporary, modern, and traditional styles. Fresh approaches to trends make architectural elements pop and lighting design seem intuitive. A frontrunner in the interior design field, Stafford relies heavily on her personal passion for bringing spaces to life and her ability to communicate clearly with her valued clients. Every space touched by Gathering Souls, whether it’s a living room or a master retreat, will have mixed textures and hues to create an impressive environment.
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