Fall & Winter
Event Trends to
Inspire and Delight

As fall comes creeping in, we may be a little sorry that the summer is over while still loving the mild, crisp days and the rich, exciting colors of the season. And since every event should have a current look and feel, the season also affects the choices we tend towards when planning events. After all, spring-like themes would be incongruous at this time of the year! Let’s take a closer look at some of the fall trends we see gaining popularity right now.


Pantone Colors Define the Latest Trends

In a recent post (link to pantone colors post), we discussed the color trends that worldwide color experts, Pantone, have combined into tasteful palettes. We notice richer, more saturated colors gaining prominence in the design world, and the move towards metallics, particularly bronzes, coppers, and golds will suit the season admirably.


For example, you can go cool and modern with Pantone’s tech-inspired palette. Or, for an earthier look, the “Far Fetched” palette with its combination of warm, typically eastern shades plus cool highlights and accents will provide the ideal setting for an elegant fall event.


Whether your preference is classic or high-tech, warm or cool, we’ll compile a palette that’s perfect for the occasion and perfect for you.


Elegantly Rustic, Harvest-Inspired Décor

Fall and nature’s bountiful harvest season are inextricably entwined. And with many people following a “back-to-nature” trend, autumn harvest foods and fruits can replace the traditional flowers as table centerpieces and décor.


Think of the rich orange blush of pumpkins and the rich reds and pale greens of polished grapes plus the soft gold of ripened corn: the effect is simply beautiful. Autumn foliage, sprays of evergreens, warm wood, and candlelight are also options to inspire a sense of coziness and relaxation, even when the setting is formal.


Create an Autumnal Bower

Bringing nature indoors can go to any lengths you like. Imagine an interior that has literally been lined with leaves and where arboreal themes are the order of the day.


If turning an indoor space into a forest bower doesn’t suit you, consider nature-inspired colors. Deep greens, oranges, and burgundies highlighted with touches of gold and blue are fantastic for fall events. Once again, Pantone predicted this trend with a palette composed of shades of orange, burgundy and blue.


Rich Colors and Textures

For a regal, yet seasonally appropriate event interior, formal events are being enlivened with rich colors and textures. It may be trendy, but it also has a classic look and feel. Warm velvets replace cool linens, and metallic trims emphasize the richness of the fabrics. Once again, candles and muted lighting add to the atmosphere, only this time, we’ll choose brass or frosted glass candle-holders. Furnishings will tend towards the luxurious and classical. Versailles just came to Washington for your event!


Crisp and Cool

There’s something about crisp, cool colors and modernistic event interiors that really works, regardless of the season. And with winter approaching, whites, silvers, and cool blues seem to reflect the crispness of fall without resorting to the almost traditional move towards deeper shades at this time of year.


We like these shades to combine with simple, elegant forms, brighter light, and uncluttered décor – the perfect setting for a tech genius or a coolly elegant bride and her entourage.


Let Your Inner Kid Out to Play

If muted elegance, tech sharpness, or romantic, autumn-inspired coziness aren’t part of the atmosphere you want to create, you can go all-out extrovert with bright colors and ultra-modern furnishings. Wow your guests with outgoing yellows, bubblegum blues, and thirsty oranges. There’s a trend for everyone this year, and this one is undoubtedly fun.


This cheerful trend suits any season, and will continue through the year, livening up the dull winter, bucking the spring-pastel tradition, and carrying through to the bright days of summer.


Enhancing the Setting Through Interaction

As any event designer knows, it’s not just the setting, but the people and what they do that contribute towards a memorable event. Taste, smell, sound, and touch all have a role – but the key trend is interactivity.


Consider mix and match menus, DIY cocktail tables, elegantly edible table centerpieces, or even some level of gamification such as a lucky draw to mix up seating arrangements and get unexpected combinations of people interacting. Whether you prefer a touch of the traditional or want to go completely out the box, there are plenty of ways to promote interaction through event design.


One thing Remains Unchanged: Attention to Detail

Whether you’re planning a new era for your company or are celebrating a life-changing personal event, one thing remains unchanged regardless of trends. Attention to detail helps to create the atmosphere you want. Whether it’s the table settings, the entrance foyer, the menu, or the overall décor theme, it’s these finer points and the way they work together that make an event truly memorable to your guests.


At Gathering Souls, we pride ourselves in creating the event space that matches the mood you’re hoping to create, influencing the experience your guests enjoy from the moment they enter the venue. Talk to us about your planned event and get up-to-the-minute event design that will create lifelong memories to be treasured.

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