It’s 2016 and event decor is getting more adventurous than ever! Instead of basic, ho-hum design elements, you’ll see bright prints, suspended cakes, innovative lighting, and more for events this year. Broken up into seasons, this list is your guide to event decor trends for 2016!




Rich Metallic Accents – You would’ve had to been living in a cave if you didn’t notice all the buzz gold and silver were getting in 2015. This season, gold and silver accents are still in style, but are giving way to new shimmer. Catersource explains that new metallic shades, like rose gold and copper, will be seen more and more intermixed with spring decor. If you look closely, you may even notice shimmery shades of purple or blue!


Renting Unique Items – Instead of having to purchase all new items for your special event, BizBash suggests renting them out for the day. One-of-a-kind items like pink typewriters, baby blue sofas, cafe tables, and essex goblets in all different colors can be used to make your event extremely unique. To make the most of a brighter, Spring color palette, splurge on the vintage pink typewriter and work it into your outdoor decor for a garden party.


Natural Elements – Wooden accents aren’t going completely away but will be giving way to new Spring 2016 decor ideas. Natural items that will be used in centerpiece design at events can include stone, raw cork, and agate. Slices of agate can be displayed on picture frame stands and different table numbers can be painted on them. Raw cork may be used for favor tags or as a backdrop material for events.




Large & Unique Florals – This Summer, chances are you won’t see small, petite bouquets of flowers at events. From corporate shindigs to elegant weddings, large, floral arrangements will dominate. Pointers for Planners suggests that wildflowers, ivy, and dried flowers will be used in decor. “The natural, less structured look can relax the atmosphere of an event, in addition to lending it an attractive rustic vibe,” Pointers for Planners explains.


Prints, Prints, and More Prints – Instead of sticking with a color scheme, more events will be embracing prints. Prints will dictate the style and can be mismatched. Floral prints and even geometric prints will come together in the Summer to create events that attract the eye. As for the color schemes? They’ll still be there, but won’t be the building blocks for parties.


Florals Walls – From weddings to backyard bridal showers, floral walls will be seen in many different events this Summer. R5 Design Event Management suggests that custom made floral structures will give a feminine touch to spaces. Along with making a huge design statement, these floral walls will also offer the perfect picture backdrop.




Rustic Meets Glam – The popular 2015 barn weddings and events will get an upgrade in 2016. Instead of all rustic country events, you’ll see rustic-meets-glam events. The decor for these events will match up rustic elements like a barn venue and mix them with a glamourous chandelier made of crystal. “Couples still love the outdoorsy feel of the rustic trend, but are making it a bit more luxe,” says Brit + Co. A popular go-to? Elaborate china on rustic wooden tables.


New Twists on Traditional Fall Decor – If you’re attending a Fall event, chances are there will be leaves and pumpkins decorating the space. In 2016, designers will take a fresh approach to Autumn and add unique twists on the decor. Pumpkins may be covered in sequins or will be painted unrealistic colors. Leaves may be turned into different shapes and incorporated in surprising ways.


All About the Lights – Lighting is the number one thing that designers are looking for in memorable events in 2016. A decor element that isn’t noticed can become the center of the space with the right lighting. With the correct lighting, you can portray the feel of the space and can transport guests to a different world. Connect Corporate explains that event designer, “Rota, also uses motion sensor technology to make projected graphics appear, disappear and transform depending on who’s walking by it.”




Get Romantic – Romance is all around this winter! Muted lighting makes everyone look their best. Whether you’re attending a gala or a winter wedding, you may find yourself under draped fabric. The use of candlelight and chandeliers will be abundant this season.


Favors as Centerpieces – Favors are a special part of an event. If you’re attending a bridal shower, chances are you’ll be sent home with a little goodie representing the Bride. If you’re attending a launch party, you’ll probably be given a gift that relates to the brand. These favors are now being used as centerpieces in creative ways. For instance, if your favor from a bridal shower is a tea cup, it may be used in the center of the table, holding a candle in it. Once the event is over, you may be encouraged to pick your favorite out and take it with you. Connect Corporate interviewed Jessica Moschella, managing director of MTL Communications. She explained, “If you are providing any takeaways for your guests, work them into the tablescapes as design elements,” says Moschella. “This cuts out visibility issues altogether, creates a unique design and reduces breakdown and cleanup.”


Suspended Cakes – In most events, such as a wedding, the main focus at the reception is the cake. This Winter, you may see this special dessert lifted to new heights. R5 Design Event Management explains that the suspended wedding cake is a must for 2016. Along with attracting everyone’s attention, this display of the cake will allow it to be surrounded by cascading flowers. Corporate events can take note and suspend cupcakes or other desserts.






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