Dawn’s Story

“Surround yourself with what you love, choose colors that evoke emotion, furnish with feelings, accentuate with memories and merriment”

Gathering souls’ founder Dawn Stafford brings a uniquely personal touch to Event and Interior Design. Whether designing a once-off special event or helping her clients to create individualized interior spaces, her eye for aesthetics has made her a well-known name in the design world.


Achievements and Media Recognition

Dream weddings, picture-perfect corporate events, and unforgettable interiors are the achievements we attain daily. But Dawn’s unique approach has garnered widespread acclaim and recognition from the media.


Dawn has become the go-to event and interior design authority for the press, sharing catering and décor tips that help others to design their own special events. Her work has been featured in premier magazines including USA Today, and Luxury Living Magazine and she has appeared on television shows featured by major networks such as ABC, CBS, and more.


Gathering Souls was also featured in Event Compass, where other event designers drew inspiration from her showcased project. Visit our press page to see some of the exciting news and info Dawn has shared with her viewers and readers.


“Good Design is dichotomy, duality, celebration enveloped in exchangeability, functionality, intention, and mentation that becomes perfect resoluteness.”

The Skill and Artistry to Realize Your Vision

“Imagination is your only limitation.” Dawn Stafford


Dawn’s distinguished academic background as a Graduate of George Washington University Corcoran School of Arts for Interior Design and Architecture, where she took her place on the Dean’s list of academic achievers, has been surpassed by her acclaimed portfolio of completed projects.


Whether designing events that will make private or corporate guests feel an integral part of your special moments, or designing elegant private spaces that reflect your individuality, Dawn’s versatility sets her work apart.

Under Dawn’s management, the Gathering Souls team places itself at YOUR service. We determine your preferences and priorities, working with you to achieve interiors that are quintessentially “you.”


Creativity is key, but Dawn believes that determining and reflecting each client’s personal or corporate identity is at the heart of the creative process. Through this philosophy, the spaces that form the impressions of which evergreen memories are made are perfected. Indeed, her ability to pinpoint the most appropriate design solutions for each individual and project has earned Dawn her place as a leading event and interior designer.

Helping You to Stand Out from the Crowd

Dawn has a deep understanding of the ways in which interior spaces influence human behavior, their impressions of the events they experience in those spaces, and the mood that interiors can engender. Frame unforgettable moments in the perfect setting, and those memories will shine even more brightly in the years and decades to come.

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