It’s about time the other half of the happy couple gets some attention! It’s 2016 and new traditions are being made left and right. Today, you may get an invitation in the mail for a shower. This time, though, it may be for the Groom instead of the Bride! The “brodal shower,” a fun twist on the traditional “bridal shower” is dedicated to bringing men (bros) together. This special event is similar in some ways to the traditional bridal shower, but has some defining masculine differences. So, fire up the grill and get ready to do some special male bonding celebrating the Groom!


The Brodal Shower Vs. The Bridal Shower


The traditional bridal shower includes all women and is dedicated to the Bride-to-be. This event originated in the 1890s and was dedicated to making sure the Bride had everything in place for the actual wedding. Since then, the bridal shower has evolved. Bridal showers are parties that may include lunch or small plates. During this time, women guests of the wedding gather and “shower” the Bride with gifts that can be as a new wife. This is different than the original event which helped the bride to prepare for the actual wedding ceremony.

Co-ed showers have become more popular and include both the Groom and the Bride. They are similar to the traditional bridal shower, but aren’t geared to the women. These are nice, because they’re not over-the-top girlie, but they still are about the couple and not specifically about the Groom or Bride.

The brodal shower is the complete opposite of the bridal shower and is a new event that’s becoming a tradition. This gathering mimics the bridal shower, but is packed full of manly activities and gifts. No women are in sight during the brodal shower and it’s a time to celebrate the Groom.


The Basics


The man shower is a time to honor the Groom and celebrate his upcoming wedding. The brodal shower can be hosted by any man or group of men that are invited to the wedding. A Groom’s Best Man, relative, coworker, or friend can lead in planning this event. The guest list includes those that are close to the Groom. Only men are invited to this event and it’s kept super casual. Event locations may include someone’s home, a favorite bar and grill, an arcade, or a sporting event. It’s expected that men bring gifts to shower their bro and come hungry to enjoy manly grub.

It’s suggested that the brodal shower take place in the afternoon before the bachelor party. This way, the event can include some of the younger guests and older family members that won’t be partying it up with the guys later in the evening. The event doesn’t have to follow a theme, but can. Different themes may include: his favorite sport, his favorite video game, or his favorite show. The shower could also follow a lumberjack theme or embrace mustaches.


Groom Approved Grub


Food served up at a brodal shower needs to be manly and plentiful. Think BBQ wings and pizza. Anything that says “man” will be enjoyed at this event. A popular theme mimics a bar menu. Inspired by a typical bar, food served up at a man shower can include pretzels and cheese, bar nuts, bratwurst, cheeseburgers, and pizza. Buzzfeed just recently covered the current brodal trend and suggested beer brat sliders, beer and bacon trail mix, and a large cheese board.


Brodal Beverages


What’s more manly than a bottle of beer? Brodals embrace beer and masculine mixed drinks. Whatever the theme of the brodal shower is, reflect it in the drink. If it’s an arcade based brodal shower, think of drinks that are inspired by old school games like Pac-Man. Other types of brodal showers may follow a Marvel theme or camping theme. If your Groom loves sports, make a cocktail that’s inspired by one of his favorite players.

When in doubt, try the Apple Cider Bourbon Whiskey. This drink from Growing Up Gabel has warm apple cider and bourbon whiskey in it. The drink is easy to mix up and will leave each man feeling the love. If there are those that can’t partake in alcohol, make them feel a part of the event by serving artisanal sodas and root beer.


Dude Dessert


Men love anything sweet and a brodal shower is the perfect place to try new and creative desserts. Think outside the box and offer sweets that incorporate bacon. You can find bacon topped cupcakes, bacon dipped in chocolate, and even bacon cannolis. If your Groom isn’t bacon-crazy, opt for Bourbon Salted Caramel Cookies. This delicious recipe was developed by Julie’s Eats & Treats and is the perfect man shower option. Other dessert options include a Groom’s cake that matches the theme of the event.


Man Gifts: What To Give


A large part of the brodal shower is opening gifts. Each guest should bring a gift that the Groom would use in his life as a new Husband. Guests can look over the guest-of-honor’s wedding registry or they can bring a gift they think the Groom would like. Some popular gifts include tools, bar accessories, and garage items. Personalized gifts are a thoughtful option and any Groom would be happy to have a flask with their initials on it. Other gifts can include a beer cap map from The Grommet. This online store sells “maps” in the shape of any state. These wooden states have holes cut out to hold different beer bottle caps the owner collects. This is a fun and quirky gift for the Groom-to-be.

Whether your Groom enjoys Game of Thrones or goes crazy over Basketball, a brodal shower inspired by him will make his special day all more special. Remember to shower him with lots of gifts and bro love.



Apple Cider Bourbon Whiskey

Bourbon Salted Caramel Cookies

Beer Cap Map

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