2018 Spring Wedding Trends

Spring 2018 is set to rock the wedding scene with trends that range from the super-unusual to the two-centuries ago retro. We look at the dreamy wedding trends you can expect to see in 2018. Expect opulence combined with charm and, of course, oodles of romance. 2018 trends offer something to suit every taste.


Wedding Dress Trends

Top designers have showcased their wedding dress designs for 2018. Suffice to say, they’re breath-taking! Which one will suit you? From clean, simplistic lines to amazingly detailed gowns, your personal style is sure to be reflected by at least one of the trends we’ve spotted.


Massive bows graced deceptively simple gowns from the likes of Oscar de la Renta.


Meanwhile, some fashion houses are presenting touches of black as the trend for 2018. Some leading designers didn’t stop at touches of black – so if you’re daring enough, you can choose a black wedding gown too.


Pearls, crystal or metallic beading, and embroidery lent dresses from the likes of Lela Rose distinctive texture and old-world detail.


We can always rely on Chanel for something stunning, and this year they were at the forefront of the trend towards huge veils that deck the bride in an air of mystery.


Vera Wang opted to explore lacy peekaboo bodices and was among the designers to promote capes for spring 2018 wedding chic.


A profusion of feathers adorn the 2018 wedding dress collection by Elie Saab, resulting in a romantic look in which fantasy meets reality.


Who says weddings have to be white? Soft millennial pink featured large in Murad’s collection while ReemAcra opted for ice blue.


Bridal Accessories

As with dresses, you’ll be spoiled for choice this coming spring. Flowers are big and bold, romantic lace gloves are in, and oodles of jewelry and draped strings of beads are back in the vogue. As for earrings, they’re everything but understated!


Shoes range from the black feathered sandals (worn with black lace socks) that grabbed just about every fashion editor’s attention to the more traditional white pumps. On the whole, however, heels are high and glamorous, and satin textures, touches of laciness and wrap-tied sandals are grabbing the headlines.


The Perfect Hair Style for Your Big Day

Top designers opted for natural-looking hairstyles. Hair tied back in the nape of the neck was seen on several models as well as wavy, just-off-the-beach looks or semi-formal “half up” hairdos.


Game of Thrones seems to be exerting an influence on wedding hair styles this year, with Kevin Hughes’ choice of a parallel crown of Dutch braids for MarchesaNotte’s models epitomizing the look.


Meanwhile, hair styled to go with an opulent crown of natural blooms offers an alternative to the traditional wedding veil.


For Him

While a black tux is the classic choice, deep blue and grey are hot in 2018, and we’re seeing the introduction of sheen and even shimmer for the bridegroom’s jacket. The bow tie is still very much in fashion, but we are also seeing big, bold, broad neckties that provide the perfect excuse for him to wear a striking tie pin. Buttonholes are bucking tradition with carnations being substituted with chrysanthemums, roses, and even delicately wrapped mini-boquets.


Color Palettes

Your chosen color palette will create the setting and set the theme for your perfect day, so it deserves some careful thought. We love the new dusty rose and green combination that can be carried through from invitations to bridesmaids’ dresses and venue décor.


A romantic combination of lilac and white creates a superb, complimentary setting for the bride, or she can choose to contrast her setting against her look with shades of blue, complimented with white or enlivened by touches of passionate red.


As with dresses, black and white combinations are making waves, and this color palette allows for some really elegant options that would be hard to overlook.

The pantone colors of 2018 offer us something to suit every taste, but we also adore the combination of champagne and wine shades that speaks of quiet elegance combined with joyful celebration.


Foods, Drinks, and Desserts

The traditionally big, heavy buffet meal might be a bit much in the fabulous spring weather, but who says you have to be traditional? Although your menu and drinks options are virtually endless, we can help you to make your section easier with a quick look through some of the catering trends that are enchanting wedding guests around the world:


As fresh as the bride, seasonal fruits and fresh produce cater to today’s taste for healthy, natural foods. Whether you’re going all-out for elegance or prefer a rustic experience, this trend will match almost any menu.


Your guests call the shots when you add an element of DIY or bespoke mix and match with a chef or barman to interact with.


Fun foods you wouldn’t expect at weddings are the order of the day. Donuts, for example, are hugely trendy.


You and your spouse-to-be’s favorites might include mundane things like French fries or pizza – but that doesn’t mean they can’t be give a new, elegant look for weddings. This trend is all about you and what you like, but we think your guests will love it too.


On the flipside, you can go all-out Gatsby with the luxurious party foods and drinks served in fabulous old-fashioned china and glassware.


Beverage stations are all the rage. Whether self-service or served, your guests can choose the station that suits them. Coffee and tea, juice, and cocktails can each have a separate serving point.


Non-traditional desserts like pancakes have been big during the last few years, and they’re still very popular. Or you can opt for a return to fabulously decorated cakes.


There’s Just One Problem: you’re Spoiled for Choice!

There’s a wedding trend to suit every couple this year – or you might fancy mixing and matching some of the ideas you’ve seen. You may even have something completely different and out-the-box in mind. But will it work?


Talk to Gathering Souls. As wedding designers, we’ll help to turn all those many choices you have to make into a fun process that will result in a wedding that is all you could have hoped for and more. Realizing your dreams is our specialty. Chat to us today for personal service that’s all about you.

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