2017 – 2018:
The Color Trends
from Pantone That
Have Everybody Talking

As 2017 slips away and 2018 approaches, Pantone, global specialists in color, have set the design world abuzz with their latest palettes. The uninitiated may wonder what all the fuss is about, so before we dive into event décor and home décor, let’s look at why Pantone is so special.


Let’s suppose your favorite color is blue. That’s easy enough to communicate, but which precise shade of blue do you like best? Pantone’s color palettes not only show us how we can combine colors, but give them internationally accepted names that help us when we’re specifying the precise shades we envision, allowing us to turn concepts into realities. And if we’re short of inspiration, those Pantone palettes are sure to get the creative juices going.


Interpreting Trends


Pantone executive LeatriceEiseman says that metallics are the new neutrals – and she points out that iridescent shades are sure to draw the eye as focal points. But all neutral color schemes need contrast to add character and interest, and here, intense, saturated colors provide the perfect foil.


That doesn’t mean you can’t be subtle when implementing Pantone’s palettes. There’s literally something to please everyone in the 2018 trends Pantone has pinned down. Remember, color creates mood, so in the home décor context, you may prefer a lively living room and a tranquil bedroom.


As events specialists, we’ll also be looking at the atmosphere our clients want to enjoy as we implement the exciting 2018 color palettes. As you’ll see, each one is very appropriately named! Let’s take a closer look at each of the eight trending palettes.


1. Resourceful


Blues and oranges are complementary colors, and the “Resourceful” palette will help you to combine the warm with the cool in superb style. In general, we’d suggest shades of blue as the dominant décor shades, with flashes of orange to bring warmth, coziness, and a touch of liveliness into the equation. Of course, one could turn it on its head, allowing shades of orange to dominate with the occasional cooling blue accent.


2. Verdure


Pantone says that these colors represent health, and the food-inspired shades such as Celery and the various shades of berry purple combined with eggshell-blue create a fresh, crisp atmosphere that’s rich in color without being gaudy. Whether you’re looking at updating a neutral color-themed space with a dash of color or are seeking an entire décor color scheme, these shades are sure to inspire.


3. Playful


Think of fun, laughter, and a space that make one smile just to look at it. This daring palette is an outgoing combo of brights that will frame the perfect setting for lively gatherings. Think of cartoons and candy – bright yellows and surprising lime-greens, candy pinks and brilliant blues. This aptly-named palette is sure to bring out your inner child as you play around with your color scheme.


4. Discretion


Tranquil and discrete without being boring, this artistic color combination speaks of quiet elegance. Muted lavenders combine with rich purples and softer golds. Despite its elegance, this combination of shades still lends itself well to relaxation and comfort – and there’s a definite touch of romance, albeit as discrete as the palette’s name implies. From country-style interiors to sleek, modern combos, we’re sure to see this palette gaining popularity in 2018.


5. Far-Fetched


Although the name may make you think that the Far-Fetched palette features unlikely color combinations, it gets its name from the many cultures it embraces. It’s certainly a colorful palette, and it features warm, earthy, eastern-style colors offset by cool, silvery blues and pinks. It’s as colorful as the world cultures it represents, and while not as lively as the Playful palette, it still speaks of good cheer, comfort, and memorable times.


6. Intricacy


Combine neutral metallic shades with exciting colors like Holly Berry Red and Sulfur Yellow to enjoy this palette to the full. It combines the best of both the modern and the classic, and with the trend towards combining modernity with antiques and fine crafts, it will be an excellent way to bring these elements together harmoniously. The contrast between cool metallics and rich, warm tones makes this palette adaptable to both formal and informal settings.


7. Intensity


Pantone points out that we live very intense lives in today’s world, and this palette reflects the intensity and sophistication of modern living. Black and gold feature strongly, and the colors to compliment them are as intense as the palette’s name suggests without being loud or overly bright. And although the hues represent intensity, intense relaxation cocooned in these rich shades seems like a very real possibility!


8. TECH-nique


In today’s world, we all love our tech – and the TECH-nique palette allows us to bring our love of all things technology-oriented into our home or event space décor. Just like the colors we see reflected from the screens that intrigue us so much, these colors seem to have their own inner luminescence. There’s certainly a preponderance of cool colors – but remember – even red can be a cool shade rather than a warm one.


How to Choose the Perfect Palette


Although these color palettes are trend predictions, the taste and style which Pantone has employed in combining them means that they’ll never really be dated. Ultimately, choosing the perfect palette comes down to what you like best.

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