2016 is just right around the corner and chances are, the weddings you’ll be attending are already being planned. Colors are chosen and the dress is being ordered. So, what can we expect to see this next year? There are some trends that are still popular from 2015, while others are heading in a new direction!


Wedding Colors

For the 2016 wedding season, colors will coordinate quite closely with the authority on color, Pantone. Pantone has released their Spring 2016 color line and weddings will surely follow suit. Look for Rose Quartz, inspired by the feminine gemstone, Lilac Grey, a modern take on a neutral, and Iced Coffee, which is a lovely light brown shade. The list of top colors that will be seen on the cover of every bridal magazine also include: Peach Echo, Serenity, Snorkel Blue, Buttercup, Limpet Shell, Fiesta, and Green Flash. The energetic shades of Snorkel Blue and Limpet Shell will inspire nautical-themed events and the romantic tones of Lilac Grey will keep vintage soirees at the top of every Bride’s list. Other colors like the fiery Fiesta from Pantone and Buttercup will act as a saving grace for bold color lovers. Summer weddings will be layered with bright colors that evoke a Spanish feel. Last, but not least, green will grab some spotlight. Pantone’s Green Flash will be paired beautifully with peaches and light browns. Everything from bridesmaids dresses to invitations will embrace this nature-inspired color.



The most beautiful and eye-catching sight at a wedding is the bride. There’s a magical moment when she appears and walks toward her groom. The hundred year old question, “what’s your dress like?” will still be sacred in 2016. Embracing another time, this year will bring in lots of lace and fine beading. The fascination with The Great Gatsby isn’t over and you’ll find dresses complimented with pearls and gold jewels.

The shape of the bridal dress will differ, but the main attraction will be the neckline. Watch out for the trendful deep v-neck, which is a little bit lower than the traditional sweetheart neckline. Those that lean toward the dramatic will wear either an illusion neckline or a plunging neckline. There will also be a big surge of bohemian brides. Off-the-shoulder dresses and layers will be a big request. Oscar de la Renta, Lela Rose, and Carolina Herrera will be designers sought after.



I bet you didn’t expect cascading arrangements to make a comeback so soon! They are all the rage in 2016. The floral designs will be bigger than previous years. Both centerpieces and bouquets will be full and large. Bright shades like Pantone’s Snorkel Blue will be integrated into arrangements and there will also be a lot of shimmer. Gold accents and glitter spray will be seen in bouquets. With bohemian brides, there will be a lot of creams and more muted hues. Surprisingly, small, simpler floral arrangements will still remain trendy, but will be suited for more modern receptions.



Food is definitely taking a one-eighty this year. Instead of sit down, late night dinners, you’ll be seeing brunches, and small bites left and right. Brides and grooms want guests to relax and be free to move about their reception and cocktail hours. In 2016, you’ll see an increase in activity bars. Areas set up for you to customize your savory bites will keep guests engaged and full. There will also be a lot of bacon!

Don’t be surprised if you get an invitation to a wedding in the morning. Reception brunches are becoming increasingly more popular, complete with mimosa bars and omelette stations. Another exciting development in wedding food is the ease of food trucks. A wedding in a barn doesn’t need a kitchen. One or two of the couple’s favorite food trucks can set up and serve guests anything from tacos to homemade ice cream. Another trend for 2016 is reimagined comfort food. Baked macaroni and cheese with chicken and similar Southern classics will have everyone celebrating.

As for dessert, kiss cupcakes goodbye. We’ll be seeing less of the cupcake tiers and more of macaroons, pies, and bundt cakes.



Bright blue and neon green cocktails will take a backseat to more natural hued beverages this year. A big theme will be throwback mixed drinks. Basically the entire bar menu from Mad Men will be featured in many 2016 nuptials. Brides and Grooms will be serving up Side Cars, Manhattans, and Old Fashioneds. Locally sourced drink accents will also be popular. Garnishes that are muddled and berries that add a touch of natural flavor will be added to drinks. The popular signature cocktail will still be around, but Brides and Grooms are choosing more than just one. Anticipate his and her signature drinks and a drink inspired by their love story. Mason jars for vintage-themed weddings are still popular in 2016 and you’ll find a myriad of different cocktails served in this humble glass. Last, but not least, champagne will be trending. Along with serving guests their own ornate glass, there will also be champagne towers.

When it comes to the drinks in 2016, it’ll all be about local options. Brides and grooms will visit wineries and breweries in their area and find the perfect options to serve to guests. Don’t be surprised if your beer is from a small microbrewery in town or if you’re wine was aged just a few miles away.



Florals, rustic accents, and bright hues will all be on the covers of bridal magazines this year. Slices of wood used for food displays, quirky woodland creatures, and barn weddings are all still in full swing. Floral prints will be seen on everything from table linens to invitations. The style still has a homespun look. Custom wood pieces with the happy couple’s initials will also be in demand.

On the other side, bright, citrusy colors and fresh, simple lines will be emerging. They may not be in the majority, but will be a great alternative for the more traditional, classic bride.



Overall, 2016 weddings will have a different feel. There will be a focus on charity and making the world a better place. Expect to see signs that inform you leftover food will be taken to local shelters. Your favor as a guest may be a keychain with a paw print and a donation to your local Humane Society chapter. Brides and grooms want to share the love and are thinking of creative ways to incorporate their passions into their big day.

This coming year there will also be an increased attention to the environment. Flower seeds, a small fern, or a succulent may be given as favors. Plates and forks can be recycled bamboo and biodegradable. Along with this, weddings may reflect a smaller crowd. Many Brides will forgo a large 200+ person event and instead have an intimate dinner with cherished family members. Overall, in 2016, the feel of weddings will be “quality over quantity.”

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